Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Monday, May 11, 2009


At 11:45 today Bella will go in for trach, fundo, and g-tube.

This is life-altering.  I am so excited, though, to see her face again without any tape or tubes on it!

We have a new attending, but we have been here so long that he is familiar with Bella.  We talked about tracheal/bronchial malasia.  We talked about chronic lung disease.  We talked about optimal nutrition and time.  Same thing we keep hearing.

But something new.  He asked who her pedi was.  Well…I found out from my OT that my pedi doesn’t take kids on trachs.  I’ll need to verify that.  He asked if we lived here in Houston, and the fellow said, “They live here (meaning the hospital   :)  ).”  They have an entire department here for Special Needs Primary Care.  So we’ll see.  Exciting that we are talking about pediatricians!  He was saying that with kids like Bella, it’s important to find a doctor that will not panic at every little thing, but will move quickly on the important things.

Looks like her potassium got a little low.  Her heart rate was really low, but she has received some potassium and has jumped back up to where she needs to be.

I’ll report later!  May 11 001


Lacey said...

Praying that the surgery is uneventfull and goes as planned. How nice to see her beautiful face. If your ped doesn't take trach kids its definitly time to find a new for the mere fact that it sounds like their a little nervous. You need someone confident. Hugs from me and Jax

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. It sounds like Bella is getting stronger. I will be praying that the surgery goes well. Interesting about the pedi. I didn't realize they can select what issues they wish to deal with, but clearly Lacey is right, you want someone you have confidence in.