Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Friday, May 22, 2009


  may 22 003

Our very sweet friend, Lacey (Jaxson’s Mom), sent us this beautiful blanket!

It is so pretty!  Something new for Bella to hold onto.  :)


may 22 001

And it’s butterflies!  So thoughtful, truly, to remember that about our girl.  Can you see the edging?  It is so lovely – thank you.   I absolutely love it.   Look how big it is – and it’s folded in half.  Thank you Lacey.  We appreciate it truly!

Our CT scan came back with expected results – she has a very small head for her age.  Let’s be honest, while she’s 25% on the DS chart, she’s no where near the curve on the “regular” chart.  She has fluid in her skull and a small brain, findings consistent with DS.  But no masses and no bony abnormalities.  The next step is to talk with neuro ophthalmology – did you even know there was such a sub-specialty?  I am now clinging to the hope that it’s a medication thing and it will go away.

She continues to heal from her surgery.   The site of the incision doesn’t look very good.  It’s still pretty red and looks pretty angry.  Normally, she heals so quickly, but not right now.  She’s on three pretty strong antibiotics, so good nutrition and time is all they can do at this point. 


Lacey said...

Does butterflies mean somthing with her? I didn't even think about that, I just loved the butterflies and I thought it was perfect for a baby girl. She looks beautiful with it.

mommapainter said...

The blanket is so lovely and sweet. It is just perfect for your little one. Love Krystal

My name is Sarah said...

Such a beauty. I love the butterfly blanket.

CYNDI said...

Take it even further with pediatric neuro opthalmologist! We see them, too. Just to monitor that Michael doesn't develop tumors on his optic nerve. I miss you. Bella looks beautiful in pink. :)