Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Plugged Up

Bella’s trach is healing well.  The doctor is pleased.  Tomorrow they will change that for the first time.  A big step.

Bella is still playing with fevers.

Besides her occasional desat and brady, her newest fun is in her digestive system.  Her poor little belly is distended, warm, and hard.  She has been NPO (no food) since yesterday when I first noticed her tummy problem.  Her x-ray shows that her bowels still have contrast in them from last week’s Upper GI.  So things are slow moving.  They gave her one glycerin suppository last night and she did stool, but nothing since then.  The surgeons will come and evaluate and we’ll go from there.  I feel badly because she grimaces when they poke on her belly.  Poor thing!

The Child Life Specialist made a trach doll for Bella’s sisters.  She also sewed in a little g-tube for them.

may 15 001



The trachs



may 15 002



The g-tubes


Lacey said...

These stinker downs kids, if its not one thing its another. Jax is getting a cecostomy soon, a hole like a g-tube to put suppositories through and clean them out, because he doesn't go on his own at all. Glad she's still doing good.

Heather said...

Oh Bella another set of hurdles but ones I know you will find your way over.Zoey's belly was SO distended after her g-tube placement.Like I am talking,if I remember correctly,her belly measured a 44,for days.She also developed Ileus of unknown origin which pretty much meant you could see her bowel loops through her belly... scary sight.But just means that particular system,in these particular children,move slow.Just like Lacey said.Resolves though,with a little help and just like everything else will be just another obstacle Bella has conquered.Peace,strength and love to you all.Forward moving Miss Bella.