Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We aren’t going anywhere

Everyone was hoping to boot us out of the PICU today, but Bella is comfortable here.  Oh well.  Our fellow calls Bella the little troublemaker. 

Bell’s tummy is even more distended and firm.  They are stopping her feeds again.  This time they will do an ultrasound and another x-ray.  Her fevers continue.  Her white blood count has gone up, so they are going to culture her urine and her central line.   They are running a liver panel.  They are scheduling another PICC line, since we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, like home.  They are starting another broad spectrum antibiotic.  Pulmonology has asked that they not touch the vent settings until the tummy is resolved, so no more weaning on that front.  Her sedation is now off.  She is moving around.may 19 001

The good news is, I guess, that I’ll have a little more time to work on the nursery at home.

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mommapainter said...

Oh, I'm so sorry... her little tummy looks so uncomfortable. Bless her little heart. She making sure that all the kinks are worked out before she goes home. More prayers are headed your way. Love,