Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another day of recovery

It’s been a pretty boring day – which is GOOD when you are in the ICU!   She just lays here sedated and paralyzed, breathing with the ventilator.  She continues to be too unstable to even consider scheduling any surgeries.  The doctors say she needs time.  They are going to add diurel to her list of diuretics.

Yesterday they tried a Vec Holiday – a break from the vecuronium (the drug that paralyzes her).  Before they started, I asked for bets about how fast they were going to add it back.  (Mom!  What little faith! said her doctor)  Oh well, before I was even back from grabbing some lunch, they were filling a syringe with vecuronium.  She really isn’t a fan of the vent!  She tries to breathe over it and breathe when SHE wants to.  Have I mentioned she’s a stubborn little thing and wants to do things her own way?  :)


Anonymous said...

If you mean to insinuate there are girls that are NOT stubborn you make VERY funny joke! Glad to hear you had a "boring" day at the hospital..which is completely an oxymoron to say the least. Rest little Bella your friends want you to come home and get healthy and strong so we can all play together!

Beth said...

I'm convinced that stubbornness and cuteness are on the 21st chromosome--just wait and see when they finish mapping all the genes!

Glad that Arabella is stable today. Praying for fast progress.

Heather said...

Stubborn comes in very handy in the situations that have been placed before sweet Bella!Keep getting stronger little love.Praying for continued boring days.

Trinity said...

Prayers for your sweet little angel!