Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Friday, April 17, 2009

How Can You Desat on a Vent?

OH Bella!  Today we have chased numbers.  She desats so quickly and recovers so slowly.  Every touch causes a desat and yes, she is still paralyzed.

They changed her tube.  There was an air leak.  This new tube is cuffed to prevent that.   I stayed for that, but really there were times I wish I was sitting nervously in the waiting room.   When the one doctor couldn’t get it in and he had to step out of the way, when her heart rate fell from 170 to 90, and when it took hours with the fellow and the RT working on her for her to recover, then I wished I was just nervous, but I couldn’t leave – not my sweet girl.   She is requiring hourly breathing treatments.   The word oscillator got thrown around again.

We have had a fellow all to ourselves today.  Miss Bella likes the attention, I guess.

They are more and more convinced she is aspirating.  When they pulled her tube, there was a bunch of particle-y stuff down on the bottom.  They have consulted now with a Dr. Jones who would be her surgeon.  She has got to get better than this though.

The attending rounded with tonight’s doctor.  At one point in the conversation he stopped me and asked me what my occupation was.  A mother with training as a teacher.  He says I seem very knowledgeable, but really, I go back to the fact that I am Arabella’s mother.  How could I not learn about what’s going on with our sweet girl?


Heather said...

Continuing our prayers here in California.Come on sweet Bella ... attention is not all that is cracked up to be,well maybe from a bunch of darlings sisters,so head that way,won't you?

Caleb T Ricks said...

I am so sorry Shell - I hope that they are able to figure things out and get her to where she is stable again. I can't believe she keeps going backwards so much! Yall are in all my prayers!

Unknown said...

Shelly ~ My heart aches knowing the pain the you, your family and Arabella are experiencing. Arabella is such a loving, strong little girl and she will overcome this.

PS You have earned "RN" behind your name:) !!!!!!!!!!

Nurse Mo
Saddleback Hospital