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Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday, I think today is Friday

The days all blur together.  In fact I keep dating everything as March – and it shocks me every time that it’s April.  :)

Our Vec holiday caused quite a stir.  She decided to wake up.  She pulled out her feeding tube, chose to desat and breathe around the vent.  To say the least, she was paralyzed again when I saw her this AM.

He feels, though, that they can’t leave her paralyzed forever.  So her vec has been DC’d (discontinued).   We will see what we will see.  They could always increase her sedative if needed.  We’ll see what games Bella wants to play today.

Her central line is still in – it is incredibly positional.  So it didn’t work for night shift, but has for day shift.

Bella is having some important visitors today – I’ll post about that later.

They are talking to surgery again and scheduling.  She is having more stable days.  Hopefully she’s building up her reserve.

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Heather said...

Build Bella,build!!! Reserves are a good and much needed part of the master plan.You know,the plan to get you home.Hope Friday is uneventful for everyone.That means you Miss Bella ... no tricks.Momma is tired.Prayers continue for your little warrior.