Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Friday, April 24, 2009

An Unusual Blessing

(a cross-post, in case you read both our family’s blog and Bella’s blog)

Last night I had to leave the hospital a little early and take Joy to the doctor.  She has had a lot of drainage and had started wheezing.  I wanted to get her into the doctor before we had to deal with anything serious.  (In case you are wondering, she is going to be fine)

While I was at home, though, Kris and the girls were telling me that the lights had been acting weird.  Some outlets were working, some not, and the lights were going dim and then coming back.  Weird.  When Jason got home we started making dinner.  We started to smell this horrible metallic burning smell.  We called an electrician super quick!

We had a little problem.  One of the four main lines in our meter box had burned or something – it’s very confusing to me.  There was one tiny piece holding this large line up – that was why the lights were coming and going.  When the line was just right, some power was able to go through.  He totally disconnected that line, so we could be safe.  So then only half of our house had power.  We had no AC, no dryer, and no oven, but we also had no house fire!

This morning he is out there fixing that faulty wiring.  We are so glad that the house didn’t burn down and no one was hurt.  We are grateful it will all be fixed and safe.

But there is more to this story.  One question the social worker asked me was if we had power.  Well, yeah.  But no, this is a serious question.  Bella will be on a portable ventilator – and it is electric.  Some families get generators.  Fortunately after the hurricane we already have one.  But most families have to just load up and leave if the power goes out.  I am so glad that the wire decided to go ahead and break down now rather than after we were home.  Then I really would have freaked out!  So, a wonderful blessing.  I’m glad that’s fixed!


Lacey said...

So they are going to for sure send her home with a vent? How nice that you have a generator just in case.

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. I have goosebumps reading this. Another simple yet incredible story of how marvelous the heavenly spirit is.

On a side note but somewhat related: Did the social worker tell you about a special list the electric company keeps in your area in case the power does go out? I'm hoping it is the same in your state. In Ohio anyway, they have a special number to call if someone in your home is on "life support equipment" and those areas get expedited in the case of power failure. We had to call it a few times with Sarah and they were on it immediately and then the office ususally called to follow up and make sure everything was OK. The social worker had the paper work done before we left the hospital.

Dolores said...

Yes, this is God watching over you and Bella.