Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Sensitive Soul

Bella had a pretty good morning.  Pulmonary says that her heart is fixed so she should be sating above 90, so add more Nitric and wean on the O2.

Her albumin and potassium are a little low.  So as I left for lunch, her albumin was starting.  I came back to her doctor bagging her and asking for atropine to be brought to the bedside.  I found out she was having a diaper change and bradied.  She did not code, but she thought blue and marbled sounded like a good idea.  Her x-ray shows a pleural effusion in the upper right lobe.  (The sad thing is that I can read the x-ray myself.  The things we learn in this journey called motherhood.)  She is a very sick little girl.  Two adjectives that people use all the time to describe Bella are sensitive and fragile.  The ICU team has decided that weaning on the O2 is not a good idea right now.  She is on some high pressure and 80% oxygen (down from her little episode). 

Then she had a brady and desat to 54 during an IPV treatment.  She used to love those – not any more.  Fortunately, she is recovering from these episodes.  She really does not like to be touched these days.

Results from the ECHO – pretty much what we thought yesterday, heart is functional, valves are competent, her pressures are a little worse – but still just good ole severe pulmonary hypertension  :)

Signs you have been in the hospital too long:

The new RT asks if you work here.

The x-ray tech knows your baby’s nickname.

The rotating volunteers in the Ronald McDonald House recognize you.

You are calling doctors by their first name.


Ann RN SMMC said...

You say words like brady, desat, O2 as part of normal conversations.
PS- a lot of what the nurses know they learned the same way you are, just being around the hospital a lot, watching and listening.

Lacey said...

I had to laugh. Its so true. I call most of the intensivist's by their first names. And everyone knows Jax's nicknames. Its really sad isn't it?

My name is Sarah said...

Oh yes, blue and marbled is one of my favorite combos too. Hang in there sweet girl.

Stephanie said...

Keep the faith, I also know a little one with similar issues. She was so sensitive to stimulation that she would actually full out code and have to be shocked after anyone touched her to do any treatment. She coded four times and eventually had to be put into a medically induced coma and a note was kept on her isolette that permission was required to touch her in any way. Her heart and lungs were so sick that she had developed a severe reactive airway condition. After some time to heal they were able to wean her off the sedation and paralytic and she is now over a year old and HOME!

mommapainter said...

Hang in there girls! I think you should start collecting a pay check. Gotta get ready for the dentist. have a uneventful day please....