Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Scary and irritating….

Bella has quite the little personality and she gets mad easily.  She hasn’t eaten anything since 3AM in preparation for this CT scan that is supposed to happen sometime today.

About 4:30 PM, she had had enough with waiting.  She was hungry and she was mad!  Long story short, her respiration rate shot up above 100, her sats were dropping, and she would not calm down.  Then I started to hear a new sound in her breathing.  I got the nurse, who got respiratory, who hear squeaking, who got the resident, who wrote for a breathing treatment.  What a wonderful thing albuterol is!  She calmed down, her color went back to normal, her respiration rate dropped, and her sats improved.  I knew she was better when she started talking to me and the RT and telling us all about her experience.  :)

Then at 6PM, the CT scan people called to say that the test wasn’t happening today after all.  Ugh!  After all of that and nothing.  Irritating.

Tomorrow we have to try again.  If she doesn’t have the test tomorrow, they will do it on Thursday.  Thursday is the day they do CT scans with anesthesiology.  Oh well.  We’ll do the best we can.  At least now she has an order written for PRN albuterol treatments.  Good to have.

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mommapainter said...

I'm so sorry for your frustrating day! The video was so cute. Hang in there girls. It seems like the puzzle is getting solved one piece at a time by a nearly blind man with gloves on but it will get solved. Love you,