Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Afternoon Update

We have had several rough days lately, my poor husband has been working, and just getting reports from me.  He was getting more and more worried and then today decided that he couldn’t wait for his day with his Bella Bug, he needed to come and see her today.  Evidently, it was exactly what our little one needed.  She has been much more stable the last few hours.  They have been able to wean on the O2 down to 80% – so at least we have some wiggle room back.  She is sating in the upper 80s.  Jason was able to talk to the doctors himself and not get everything through a filter (me).  He is feeling better.  Bella is behaving better.  And I had someone to eat lunch with - Yeah!

The gram rods that grew in Bella’s tube were able to be identified and she is on the correct antibiotics for that.  The attending feels that with a bacterial infection, the kids do worse for 3 days and then start doing better.  Today is day 3, so we are ready to start doing better.

I have to thank everyone for your encouragement.  We so appreciate it!  Jason told me today that he would have given up all hope if it wasn’t for y’all that post and tell us that you were here and now you are home.  Thank you.  You offer us hope – and we are grateful!


OPA said...

Hope is the Anchor of the Soul!
James E. Faust

Heather said...

Have been other wise distracted by our very own "unique" little love.Have missed the last few updates and pretty upset that Miss Bella chose to not heed my request for some uneventful days.Doesn't she know I have enough going on than to worry about her antics?Do not have my computer while in the hospital so this was my first thing to do when I had a minute and yes it is almost 1am here!When Mark and I switch,it is hardly home to rest.But I am sure I do not have to tell you that.Daddy time does wonders.Zoey could have the worst day,I relay it all to Mark blow by blow and when he gets to her .... all smiles.Continue with faith and hope because there is often days when that is all you have.Prayers for better days after identifying the proper antibiotic.Keep looking to Sarah as your living breathing source of hope and strength.Between her face and Joyce's words,there lies your beautiful future.Prayers and love from California.