Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Wonderful Boring Day!

june 10 001 (Sammi and Bella – what is she looking at?  :)  )

Bella continues to do well.  We continue to wean her Nitric.  She is sating beautifully!  She seems to enjoy sitting up during therapy.  She seems more alive every day.  Her OT said, “There’s more life in her eyes.”  I agree and I am grateful!

And I feel guilty…’s survivor guilt.  There is a sweet baby girl whose Care Page I have been following.  We have been traveling similar paths.  She was waiting for a lung transplant.  We were both battling CO2 that were too high in the blood stream.  We were both dealing with versed, fentanyl, and vecoroniun, and assisted breathing.  We were because yesterday sweet Kyla’s heart decided it had worked so hard for long enough and she slipped away.  Away from her family that has prayed and loved her so faithfully.  I remember one day speaking softly to Bella and assuring her that if she needed to go that it was alright.  But it wasn’t her time and she fought on, my sweet brave little fighter.  And right now she is winning. 

My deepest condolences Welch family. 

With love from the Turpins.

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Lacey said...

Its so hard when you lose a friend. I remember survival guilt when we lost our friend. She came over and just loved on Jax, I can't imagine what they go through. Our prayers are with the family.