Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Doing Well

This is fun – Bella is doing well.  I did all of her wound care today. (from her emergency surgery – they just left it open to drain, it’s finally healing) I cleaned her g-tube site and did her trach care.  I gave her a bath and put her hair up in piggie tails.  I held her in the rocking chair.  She fell asleep in my arms and took a nap – wonderful!  She did OT.  She really likes lollipops and is still uncertain with the binkie.  The doctor turned the Nitric down to 1.  She is sating beautifully.  He said to order the home vent on Monday.  We are only looking at another two or three weeks – assuming the other shoe doesn’t drop (cringing while crossing my fingers and all of my toes).  And I think I may have found a home health agency.

This is the doll that Juli and Lizzy made yesterday.  Juli is so kind to think of all of these activities for my girls!  And then Bella – who now ALWAYS has her fingers near her mouth!  :)

june 12 002 june 12 003

Me rocking Bel.  She fell asleep right after this.  And then this picture!!  I know she is feeling better because she wants to hold hands with everyone.

june 12 004 june 12 010

june 12 011


For the fun of it, we did OT in the bouncy chair.  Lots of new experiences for Bella.





And lastly, a short video of Bella’s suck – a little bit different.  Too cute!  The OT had heard about a suck like this, but never seen it.  She only sucks with her top lip and tongue, not her lower lip.


Shasta said...

She is just sooo precious and growing up sooo fast..its amazing! I'm crossing my fingers right along with ya!

mommapainter said...

The HAIR! Too cute. Tee hee...she reminds me of a female Alfala. Of course she is soooo much cuter. I've crossed my fingers and toes and eyes. What a great day! Krystal

Heather said...

You may not believe this but .... Zoey does the very same suck.It is how we know she is tired.I think it is the same as maybe a little one sucking their thumb.Soothing and comforting.The whole house,including the little guys will say "Mom,is Zoey tired,she doing the lip thing.'I think it is precious and I'll be sad the day she doesn't doe it any longer.Things look great Turpin family.We are thrilled for you all.Especially Bella.Prayers for a wonderful weekend.

Junior said...

So happy that things are going well, praying that you will be going home in the near future.

Lacey said...

You need to get home now before she catches something. She looks beautiful as always.

Maria said...

Glad to hear that she's doing so well! We keep our fingers crossed.