Little Bella has captured the hearts of our family and everyone that meets her. We want to share her story with all.

Monday, June 8, 2009

I Could Take A Hundred More Days Like Today

Thanks for all the prayers and fasting.  It really does work.

What a wonderful day!  Bella is doing fantastic!  Her nitric has been weaned to 8.6 (it’s hard to calibrate and we were shooting for 9) and we are going to go down to 8 soon.  Her O2 is down to 45.  Her PT and OT went really well.  Becca is here with me today.  Another week like this and we might start talking about the H word(home)!  My sister called last night and asked me how I was doing emotionally.  Truthfully, I try to stay pretty level and positive, but how Bell is doing is how I am doing.  So today I am higher than a kite!  Way to go Bella.  Keep it up baby!

june 8 003


PT – Can’t we talk about this?



   june 8 006


I’m not sure we have EVER had numbers this good!  This picture is right before we started to wean.  Now her numbers are a little different, but still good.



june 8 007



Sleeping – she pulled that vent off at least a hundred times today



june 8 008


My companion, Becca, eating her lunch on the window sill.  It must be a 13 year old thing.  :)  She likes to people watch out the window.

 june 8 010


OT – Again, I have to sit up again?  And now you are putting things in my mouth?  Is nothing sacred?


Junior said...

Way to go Bella, so happy to hear you have had a good day. Keeping you in our prayers.

Unknown said...

Kurt and I went to the temple Saturday night and put her name in...I'd say the prayers must have been heard! :) It was such an amazing feeling that night as I could feel the sweet spirits of our children and how pure they really are. I am so glad she has had a good day!

Heather said...

I wish and pray for thousands more days like these for you and Bella and all of the family!I think Miss Bella is getting into her groove.Taking that "Slow and Steady" as just that ... slow and steady.Finding her way in her own time.Our days are dictated by the state of our fragile children and that is why these days are so much more appreciated then they ever were before.More prayers coming your way for more of the same.

Lacey said...

I love that look she's giving the PT. And I love how her hands are always by her face, just like Jax

mommapainter said...

Ya! More days like this! Sweet Bella and Little Kyla were the focus of our fast... I love all the pictures. Love Krystal

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